What Is Ransomware? How It Works And How To Remove It

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the dangerous malware which enters in a system and encrypts all of it’s files. As a result, a user looses it’s data access. If a user want’s to access their present files on a system then it requires decryption to unlock it’s files which hackers can do.

When a ransomware attacks a system, a pop-up appears on a system screen giving a message that your system has been hacked. As a result, all of your files are locked. However, if they wants to access it’s data again then they have to send particular amount to their binance wallet.

In 2017, millions of computers were hacked by this malware attack including many renowned companies. And they had to pay ransom to get their decryption key which gets their data back. Even after paying ransom, there is no guarantee that they would  get the decryption key.

In Conclusion, what is ransomware can be elaborate as the encryption of a user’s system data which can be decrypted by paying a ransom amount. In other word’s, ransomware can be referred as extortion. And when they get their extortion money they decrypts the data of a user with no guarantee.





How Ransomware Works?

Ransomware works through a process in which a hacker sends an email to a user of a system. After opening that particular link of an email, a file then starts downloading in the victim’s system. A system user has no idea about that file which has started downloading, because this insulation process is working on backend.

After the completion of the download, that installed file will enter into the C drive folder and automatically activates. Firstly, after activating itself it will starts infecting different C Files. Secondly, it will create new files and starts modifying the old files. Lastly, it will add new registry files in the existence registry files on the system.

A hacker will get fully access to a user’s system after the modification of a changed files. Now hacker can lock, delete or modify the files accordingly. After the completion of all process, usually hacker lock the files of a system.

In the end, this is the point where ransomware starts and here a hacker starts demanding for money to decrypt the lock files. And with this process, how ransomware works and ransomware attacks any system of an individual or a company’s system.



How it locks your computer?

By encryption the data of a user’s system, generally a hacker lock’s a computer of a user or any company. Until, you pay them they did not unlock your access to your data. This is the whole process through ransomware lock your computer and encrypt the data of your pc.


How to Remove Ransomware?



How to remove ransomware?
How to remove ransomware?



Mostly Hacker’s, uses internet as their main source to transfer their infected files to the victim’s system. If you come to know that your Pc has been attack by ransomware, Firstly you should disconnect your computer’s internet connection. So that a hacker could not transfer or modify anymore files in your system.

Secondly, immediately after disconnecting your computer’s internet connection you can run a security check of every file through any virus protection software. Or you also can use other specific tools to remove such infected files from your computer.

Here is the video link below on you can watch how to remove ransomware :

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