What is Blogging & how to start a blog post ?

What is Blogging & how to start a blog post ?

In this article, we will discuss what is blogging & how to start a blog post. If writing is your hobby and you also want to earn with your hobby then start blogging to make money. Today, i will completely guide you how to start a blog post.


What is Blogging ?

Writing articles with photos on it and various kinds of content on your website is referred to as blogging. We write articles for individuals to come on our website and read our articles. Our articles or content on our website helps other in their research, so always tries to write informative content. Maintaining the quality of our articles would result in as larger traffic which enables us to make passive income.




What is Blogging & how to start a blog post ?
What is Blogging & how to start a blog post ?


how to start a blog post ?

1. First step is to select a niche for your blog :

First you have to select your niche, because niche plays a significant role in promoting  your blog. Always look for a niche who has got low competition, so it increases your chances to rank on search engines.

2. Second step is to select a name of your blog :

Secondly, you have to select a name of your blog, so always chooses a name which is very easy. Always make it easy for your targeted audience to search you by selecting a simple and catchy name.

3. Third step is to design your blog :

Thirdly, after selecting a name then chooses the design of your blog which you can select from wordpress themes. But, always keeps in mind before selecting a design that your design should be engaging or not too wild. Because, if your design is simple and easy to navigate then it will increase your viewership.

4. Fourth step is to write an article for your blog :

Always write an unique and optimized article for your blog, because it increases your chances to rank on top.  Writing a unique and helpful content will result in as becoming a successful blogger. Selecting images on your articles to engage your audience and make their concept clear by including related images. Make sure that your content is unique and has not been copied from anywhere.

5. Fifth step is to create main pages:

Here, you have to create main pages such as AboutUs page, Privacy Policy, disclaimer and contact us page.

6. Fifth step is to Promote your blog:

After writing unique articles on your blog you need to promote your content on different platforms or search engines. Earning of your blog depends upon your blog’s ranking which you could do by optimizing and promoting on different platforms. Using  keywords in your subheadings and text will help your content to rank, so don’t forget to include keywords.

7. Fifth step is to update your blog timely:

After posting your articles, it is mandatory to update your content to engage more audience. It is  important to update your content, because updating your content tells your consistency and helps your blog to rank. Using relevant keywords, creating backlinks and optimizing your content will help you to increase and maintain your traffic.


Ultimately, if you want to know more about blogging visit given below video link:

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