How to make money with google ads in 2024

How to make money with google ads in 2024


There are two types to make money with google ads in 2024:

  1. By Promoting your product or content on google ads.
  2. By displaying Google ads on your website.







Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a private ad network uses by advertisers and publishers in pursuit of relevant traffic or revenue. The specialty of Google AdSense  is that it display’s the ads which matches the content of a publisher’s website. So that it could add a viewer’s interest to engage in their advertisement’s.

There are many other ads network available, but no one can compete with google because of it’s quality assurance. The advertiser’s and the publishers using this ad network are generating highest revenue.



  • Promoting your product on google ads:

Promoting your products or content by taking google ads services can help you reaching it to maximum relative viewers. As a result, your products will reach to maximum relative users which helps you in generating sell of your products.

The Advantage of using google ads services for your products is that your product will reach to genuine users. Google is the top search engine uses by mostly everyone for purchasing online products or seeking information about specific content.

Google has billions of active users researching for their desired things on google search engine. It not only provides you the maximum traffic, but also the related traffic who has been looking for your products. Ultimately, you can generate maximum sales by reaching the related users for your product and you can make passive income.

You can place your ads on google by making Google AdWords account and creating campaign of your product. After paying google an amount,  your product campaign would get started. If you are a business/website owner looking for ads services then google ads services is strongly recommended for you.


A video link is given below on which you can learn how to place your product ads on google ads.

Video Link 



  • Displaying Google ads on your website :


If you are a website owner, then you also can make passive money by displaying google ads on your website. But before displaying it’s ads on your website, google will first review if you are eligible to place google ads. In it’s review, it will make sure  that your website should contains unique and quality content without any copyright.

If your website contains the above said content then google will approve your website for displaying it’s ads there. Google review your website to check your website quality because it never compromises on it’s quality. So that it’s users read quality content and watches the related ads.

It also make sure in it’s review that advertisers of google should get a worth of paying google for displaying it’s ads. So this is the reason, most of the advertisers chooses google for displaying it’s ads or website owners to display google ads. Ultimately, if you are a blogger and wants to make money with google ads in 2024 then you should maintain the quality of your blog.






How to make money on google adsense



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