How To Make Money On Shutterstock ?

How To Make Money On Shutterstock ?


In this Article, I will tell you on how to make money on Shutterstock. So if you become a Shutterstock contributor then you can earn passive money on Shutterstock. If you are a photographer and also want to get paid for your work then Shutterstock is the best platform for you. So in order to be eligible to earn passive income on Shutterstock you should become a Shutterstock Contributor.


What is Shutterstock Contributor ?


Contributing your photos or videos to the Shutterstock platform in order to earn money by selling photos and videos. Your work is only have to contribute it to the marketplace of Shutterstock after creating your Shutterstock contributor account. Whenever someone buys your photo or video from there then Shutterstock will share a revenue with you and that amount will be add on your account.





How do I create a Shutterstock contributor account?


You can create your Shutterstock contributor account by simply visiting this website link  contributor account.

You will be redirected to the Shutterstock sign up page by clicking on the above given link. And after visiting the signup page you normally just have to click on the sign up button there.

Fill all your details in the sign up form like your name and giving your email and selecting your password. click the next button once you provided all your details in the sign up form above.

And it will send you a confirmation link on your given email address.  And after confirming on that link your account would be created on Shutterstock.


How much will Shutterstock pay?


Shutterstock generally pays 40% from your content and your earnings will increase more depending upon the quality of your content. You can also earn by referring someone to Shutterstock and when their upload photos and videos gets downloaded by clients you will earn 0.04$ from each downloaded photo.


How do I increase my Shutterstock popularity?


Here are some tips to increase your Shutterstock popularity.

  • Make sure to find the right niche because niche with high trends brings more customers to your content.
  • Always target the right keywords and do some keywords research also to gets more attention to your content.
  • Always make sure to produce a quality content because your selling always depends upon the quality of your photos.
  • Edit your photos and videos with some innovative tools to catch the attention of your buyers.
  • Never use AI generated images on Shutterstock because it prefers hand made content rather AI generated.


What Is Shutterstock ?


Shutterstock is basically a platform from you can download your licensed images or videos. Those licensed images or videos can be used in your content if you are making you tube videos or blogging.

It is a platform where from content creators buys their licensable content for their blogs or videos. Eventually, you can enhance the quality of your content and grabs the attention of your viewers by adding

Artists also moved to this platform to earn some money be selling photos and videos to the Shutterstock marketplace. And you can earn by contributing your content in the form of images or videos to Shutterstock.



What Is Shutterstock ?
What Is Shutterstock ?



How do I withdraw money from Shutterstock?

You can withdraw your money from Shutterstock very easily by just adding your convenient account to your contributor account. There are many options of account available on which you can gets your withdraw like PayPal , Payoneer ,  Skrill etc.

When you gets your withdraw in any one of the above mentioned account. And then you can transfer your amount to your country’s bank account or in any of your other convenient wallet.

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