Daraz Seller Center:

Daraz seller center:


Daraz Seller Center is amongst the South Asia top e-commerce platforms which is created by Daraz. The shopkeeper’s and business owners can run their online stores on Daraz with Daraz seller account. Additionally, they can manage all of their business or product’s feature on Daraz platform with their Daraz seller account.

Sellers can also do multiple things online such as listing all their products information, handling customer inquiries and managing their inventory. Eventually, Daraz helps you to reach maximum people through their platform which results in as more leads on your products.



Features of Daraz seller center:


With their Daraz Seller Center Account, sellers can access various features such as:


  1. Product Management:  Sellers can manage their products by giving it’s detailed information, it’s prices, track sales of the product and inventory.
  2. Order Processing:  Sellers can manage their orders by sending it to delivery and can check the status of every order.
  3. Performance Monitoring: They can monitor the performance of their sales, sales and profit volume and most importantly customer’s reaction about specific products.
  4. Customer Interaction: Here, sellers can ask for their product reviews from customers, quick responding to their disputes  through customer support.
  5. Marketing and Promotions: Sellers can promote their products by marketing it through campaigns, providing discounts can also make them visible to their customer’s.



Daraz Seller Center
Daraz Seller Center


Daraz seller account create:


Following are the steps you will need to follow to create your Daraz seller account.

1. Visit the website of Daraz Seller Center:

First step is to go to the official website of Daraz seller account and by clicking the link below.

Daraz website.

2. Daraz Seller Center Sign Up:

After visiting Daraz website click on the sign up option, after clicking your sign up process would begin.

3. Provide Information:

In sign up process, you need to give your details in the sign up form such as name, email, username etc..

4. Verify Your Account:

Then verify your accounts with email or phone number by typing the code which you have received in your given email or phone number.

5. Complete Seller Profile:

After completion of verification, it will ask you to complete your profile. It might include your business details and you name, address etc.

6. Upload Documents:

You will need to upload your documents copy to proof your identity, business details and bank account to receive payments.

7. Agree to Terms and Conditions:

Then review the terms and conditions, after reviewing then agree to the terms and conditions on Daraz.

8. Start Listing Products:

After the completion of the setup of your account, you can mention your products through listing it. In listing, you have to provide complete information of your product including prices.

9. Manage Orders:

Once your products are listed, you can manage orders, process payments, and fulfill customer orders through the Daraz Seller Center.

After listing your products, you now can manage your product’s order, receives your payment and then deliver to costumer.

10. Monitor Performance:

You can use every tool to track the performance of your sales, customer feedback in your Daraz seller center account.




How to create your daraz seller account?
How to create your daraz seller account?











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